Nightwish ist eine ziemlich lustige Band, denke ich. Angesichts dessen gibt es viele grossartige Zitate, die ich nur mit euch allen teilen muss. ^ _ ^.

Zitate von Tarja:

Enjoy all the beautiful things life gives to you, love above the rest, do not hate for false reasons. If there wouldn't be hate in this world, we wouldn't be fighting wars like we do all the time.

I have found my way. Music is a journey, it is like life. We treasure all the experiences we all have, they are part of us. Today my music is everything that I know, everything that I love, everything that I want, so of course Nightwish has been part of me, it is a huge part of me. Nightwish is still there, the music is still alive, it will never die. But my music is different since I compose myself. I hear what it is here, it is wonderful.

The request came from Scorpions management and right after Klaus Meine called me directly so we spoke a lot on the phone, I heard him telling me that they have been following my career, that they liked my voice and that they liked me to be part of their album. They even gave me two songs to choose from which was amazing! I could choose which one I preferred and I chose "The Good Die Young". (on her collaboration with Scorpions)

Nothing is impossible. It is just that I want to be happy with everything I do today musically. If I'm happy, I'm 100% in it, I want to work on it, to love it, to put all my guts in it! So a band? Yeah! Why not? But if you asked me now, it would be very difficult since I don't have time, but it would be fun. (when asked if she would get involved in a band again)

I'm very happy with my debut album, because the whole structure behind me is very different than when I was the singer in Nightwish. All the people, including the record company, are different. All the people around me are new people. The reception of the album in Europe has been excellent. I'm very happy. We are expecting to have a gold award in Germany, and today I got the news that I got a gold award in Russia. That's the first time ever I got a gold record in Russia.

I am working hard with my singing teacher to get my conditioning back. I have been learning classical singing for 15 years.

I was having a lot of trouble deciding which song to cover. There are millions of great artists to choose from. I wanted to find a track that would match the story of the album the way I had it in my head. I was driving in Finland, listening to rock radio. They played "Poison" four or five times. I imagined the direction I could take the song, and I had some ideas to do solos with cellos. So I just chose that, and it fit the album. It's a great track. It brings back memories from my teenage years. (on her decision to cover Alice Cooper's "Poison")

I love acting. I liked making the video "I Walk Alone" and playing around with the four different characters. Together with the director we worked out the story. It was a lot of fun.

Zitate von Floor:

It's good to reflect on life and take a step back and sit and relax and do something else.

Who on earth would expect a band such as Nightwish, to give you, of all people, the phone call, 'Hey, can you come and join us now?' Yeah, that turned everything upside down.

I had a general burnout: I got extremely tired; I couldn't do anything anymore. I canceled tours; I cancelled everything in my life. For a year and a half, I was completely sick; I couldn't do anything. So yeah, I wanted to write about it in my lyrics. 'Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown' is really about that, the inspiration behind it.

A good glass of red wine or maybe a little bit too much every now and then is just fine. Heavy boozing, not so much, because you don't recover enough from it.

If I'm happy, you can tell, and there's no way of faking it.

I always feel I need to do well regardless of the level of the band.

For me, I'm way more at home in heavy metal than I am in classical music.

I really like to meet people, but only when I have the energy for it.

Unfortunately, life unfolds as it does, and you can't do everything at the same time, and you can't do some things if you can't spend the time.

Not everyone is as equally as adventurous as me. I get that.

When a pregnancy begins, those cells begin their mitosis, and during the first three months, everything from limbs to organs to the brain and neurological system is being developed, and I never realized that would consume so much energy: it drains every bit of energy you have, and your hormonal status is changed dramatically!

I don't have a poker face at all - I have a very, very expressional face, and I have no control over that.

I don't always have to be the best. Things don't always have to be perfect.

I didn't like progressive jazz or anything. Rock was something I like to listen to.

I had the idea to spend the year off in 2008 and start writing a rock album. I wanted to do something else other than melodic metal after more than ten years of After Forever. I thought it would be nice to sidestep into rock.

Actually, I consider both Nightwish and Revamp equal.

Nightwish is my band, and so is Revamp. They both get my 100 percent, which is why I also cannot do them both at the same time. They're both my babies.

Since the moment I joined with Nightwish, I have been working non-stop.

Even though Nightwish is my life and I love what I do - I could do this every day - to not do it really makes you desire even more for it again.

Arch Enemy is a female-fronted metal band, but so is Delain. They don't sound alike at all. The only thing they both are are metal bands, but the style within metal is so massively different that it doesn't really say much whether there's a girl singing or not. So it's really not so important.

There seems to sometimes be an entire genre called 'female-fronted metal.'

It's not so surprising that there are more women in metal bands. And they're not just fronting them. There are drummers and guitar players, bass players.

Make music when I want to in whatever style I would like to. That is something that I know that I'm not the only Nightwish member who has that. That's a luxury we can take, and we will.

Musically, I have little ambition. The only real ambition I have is to make music and do music whenever I feel like it, without any real ambition or planning.

I'm not the kind of singer that's always super, super careful.

The most metal? Some would say Slayer, but I think they're a dreadful band. Unbelievably boring. Terrible. Apparently it's not metal to say that, but it's a personal opinion.

Revamp is a band that would deserve the hundred-percent devotion a band needs, and at this moment, I don't see any future for another band next to a band such as Nightwish, and with the ambition to become a mother, I will have to let Revamp go, which is a very sad decision.

There is a project that I did back in 2008 with a Norwegian guitar player, Jorn Viggo Lofstad, who plays in Pagan's Mind. We wrote a rock album, and we never released it.

I think every physiotherapist will tell you that it's not a very good idea, and there are many musicians in the metal scene who have suffered severe damage - like, the guitar player from Iced Earth, Jon Schaffer, had severe neck problems due to headbanging.

The success of Revamp is clear. We've sold a lot of albums, we've done very good tours, and wherever we play, we get a very positive response, and that's something that would be very nice to keep.

When After Forever stopped, I didn't want to first find a band, then see if I could write with them, figure that whole thing out, then record an album. Instead, I worked with people I knew would be good songwriters out of an idea how I thought it would sound like.

I'm studying Finnish, and it's one of the five most difficult languages in the world. And the more I learn, the more I realize that's definitely true.

I'm very happy with what I can bring into Nightwish, but I will probably want to keep on writing things. And that can take many forms as well.

I have creative energy in me that needs to come out one way or another, but that's where Revamp comes in.

I might move to Finland, at least for a while, to learn the language a bit better, 'cause you don't learn any language better than in the country itself.

Sometimes, I would love to record a super-quiet album, but for some reason, I never really got to that because my heart lies with the heavy stuff.

When you used to be able to express yourself as an adult in your own language, or as I can do in English, for instance, it's sometimes hard to switch back to very simple talking, like I am forced to do in Finnish. So a real conversation, when I really wanna tell something, I can't do it in Finnish.

My Finnish is... I'm sounding like a three-year-old, at my best. It's super hard to really have a conversation, unfortunately. I know a lot of words, and so reading signs and stuff is becoming better, or going to a supermarket. But some specific words, of course, you don't get in your first year.

Both the guys in Nightwish and I have experiences with previous band breakups and all emotions that come with it. It's almost like dating.

I never really thought of myself as somebody to move abroad. It just came on my path.

I agree that it's a macho world, metal, but it's also a very, very social world, where people are loving music in respect for one another, female or male.

I've studied classical singing, but not to a great extent.

My Finnish, it never really happened, but I'm good in Swedish.

I tried to learn the Finnish language, which is really, really, really hard, and I realized that if I want to really learn it, I need to move to Finland.

I joined a metal band with only guys when I was 17.

I am a humble person.

We are all entitled to our own opinion.

But not to have music would be unnatural to me.

Meeting fans and taking pictures is an extra I would like to offer when time and energy allow it. It's not something a fan can presume to have.

Thinking Slayer's music is not my thing doesn't mean I don't respect the band for what they are and what they've done. I just won't play it. As I can imagine they won't listen to mine either, for that matter.

No... I don't like Slayer.

Everybody meets a lot of idiots in their line of work, not just in music.

Why should we bother making a super high-quality, expensive album if nobody is going to pay for it anyway and will just download it for free as an MP3 that has no depth whatsoever because of the small file size?

I do know I will enjoy family life. What I've seen from moms, or heard stories from people who became a parent, it's such a consuming thing; it's such a wonderful thing. I consider it an extreme luxury to have that time and to not have to do anything else, and just be with my kid.

People think that when they come up to me, screaming things into my ear, that I will respond according to what they want. I'll turn around and smile and take the photo. But I'm not somebody's marionette.

The whole social media thing is ridiculous. Everybody gets to say what they want all the time. That's fine in theory, but it's not civilised. Imagine going into a bar, and everybody in that bar is talking like people do online. They'd just get their teeth punched in.

I wasn't personally that familiar with the Classic Rock bands. That is where Jorn Viggo came in: he played me tons of that stuff - Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, plus a lot of bands with cool songs, riffs, vocals, etc. We really listened to tons of music.

Making an album is always a puzzle: you start by seeing a lot of different pieces, and they all need to come together into one picture.

There's only so much planning you can do when it comes to pregnancies, y'know.

I have been fortunate enough to see many places of this earth and most certainly a lot of art, but I would be more interested to see more of the natural wonders of the world.

I didn't think of my pregnancy as a handicap for one minute, but having said that, I think the only big challenge was being so tired all the time.

To be honest, I deliberately tend not to post things like 'I'm having a relationship' or where I live. I'm a bit reluctant to keep this kind of information up to date because people are inclined to see things like that as statements, and I rather keep a little bit of privacy, if possible at all.

If you are waiting for this thing that might happen tomorrow, it probably will never happen. You need to activate it now! No one else is going to do it for you, and ten years are going to go by before you even know it.

I wasn't personally that familiar with the Classic Rock bands. That is where Jorn Viggo came in: he played me tons of that stuff - Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, plus a lot of bands with cool songs, riffs, vocals, etc. We really listened to tons of music.

I don't need to be the singer of Nightwish 24/7 when I'm not touring or when I want to go to the supermarket in my comfy pants.

Making an album is always a puzzle: you start by seeing a lot of different pieces, and they all need to come together into one picture.

Now, when you've been in the band for three years, you get used to the position, in a sense. I don't think about it every day like, 'Oh my God, I'm the singer of Nightwish!'

Living in Finland as a singer of Nightwish, I'm used to having people around me all the time that know who I am. In the Netherlands, people never really knew or cared or whatever.

I find the opera part in 'The Greatest Show on Earth' challenging.

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